We know that buying good-quality instruments is beset with potential pitfalls.


That’s why we offer free advice and guidance on purchasing or hiring musical instruments according to your specific requirements. Our Music Store advisors are experienced professional musicians with intimate knowledge of the process of manufacture and characteristics of our instruments.


All our instruments are of the highest quality, made of the best raw materials. They are traditionally made by skilled artisans – not for the export market – but for professional musicians in country. We have even managed to source professional ‘mini’ instruments for small hands, giving young people the chance to play the best instruments instead of making do with poor imitations.

Value for money

From single instruments to kits for ensembles, the Bangdrum Music Store is flexible enough
to suit your budget and imagination. We are happy to provide free, expert advice on instrument combinations to suit your project or school. All our instruments are guaranteed against poor workmanship or faulty materials. In the rare event of dissatisfaction we guarantee replacement.

Ethical responsibility

Bangdrum believes in fairly traded instruments and you can rest assured that instruments purchased from us are sourced responsibly and that instrument makers receive a fair price.

About  schools drum packs

Each of our percussion kits includes sufficient instruments for 30 players as standard but kits can be expanded or reduced to suit your needs.

A typical percussion kit will include everything your school needs for small to large ensemble work and is perfect for Wider Opportunities initiatives.








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