Djembe Double Strung Smooth Finish - Various Sizes

Djembe Double Strung Smooth Finish - Various Sizes

Price: £81.00 RRP: £90.00
These Bucara Djembés are handmade in Ghana, in conjunction with a Fairtrade organisation. They are made from African Cedar wood, and are double woven, meaning more comfort for the player, and that the skin will take more beating/temperature fluctuation to go out of tune, than standard single weave drums.

 The 9" diameter model is the smallest of this range, and would be ideal for young players (primary school ages especially).

 The 11" diameter model would be great for students of secondary school ages, or younger adults!

The 11" and 13" models are temporarily out of stock. To pre-order or find out when we will have these back in stock call us on 0161 273 7827.

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