Ganza Live Shaker - Various Sizes

Ganza Live Shaker - Various Sizes

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Ganza's are cylindrical Brazilian shakers, used to keep the swing of the Samba! Ganzas usually play all of the semi-quavers of the musical bar, with accents on the 1st & 4th of each beat to give a O-o-o-O O-o-o-O O-o-o-O O-o-o-O emphasis. Samba is usually swung half way, giving the impression of speeding-up & slowing-down at regualr intervals in the beat (sometimes likened to the movement of an egg rolling!) These "Liverpool" ganzas are good value.

These "Liverpool" ganzas, are Single cylinder models, they come in 2 sizes

Small - (16cm x 3.8cm) Better for younger players and/or more accoustic ensembles.

Large - (20cm x 5cm) Better for Samba School/Louder groups.

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