Samba Pack Sec. / Col. Especial

Samba Pack Sec. / Col. Especial

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This very special Brazilian Percussion Pack has been put together by our expert tutors team with over 150 years combined experience in workshop delivery and performances both in the UK and Brazil. This pack combines professional quality drums with practical and logical instrumentation combining a balanced sound with user friendly and fun instruments. We have selected these drums for you and your students to insure you get the most out of your project. Read on to find out what’s included.….

So what’s in the pack?

The Bangdrum ‘Samba Pack Especial’ contains everything you need for a balanced sound in your percussion ensemble and contains all the instruments people simply love to play. This pack includes all the accessories you need such as beaters, tuning keys, skins and straps etc. We have developed this pack especially for secondary and college percussion ensembles. All the instruments included are professional quality and shipped to the UK direct from the factory in São Paulo, Brazil. 

A Full list of whats Included in this pack is below*. 

 For 15  Players  For 30 Players
2 x Surdo Aluminium 18"
2 x Surdo Aluminium 20"
2 x Surdo Aluminium 22" 3 x Timbal 14" 1 x Repinique
1 x Caixa Malacacheta 12"
2 x Tamborim
2 x Agogo Double Pro
2 x Tamborim Stick
1 x Repinique Beater 
9 x Surdo Belt 6 x Surdo Beater Short 2 x Surdo Beaters Long 1 x Repinique Belt 1 x Snare Sticks for Caixa (pair) 1 x Snare belt 1 x Apito - Whistle 1 x The Beatlife Book Inc. CD
4 x Surdo Aluminium 18"
4 x Surdo Aluminium 20"
4 x Surdo Aluminium 22" 7 x Timbal 14" 1 x Repinique
2 x Caixa Malacacheta 12"
4 x Tamborim
4 x Agogo Double Pro
4 x Tamborim Stick
1 x Repinique Beater 
19 x Surdo Belt 12 x Surdo Beater Short 4 x Surdo Beaters Long 1 x Repinique Belt 2 x Snare Sticks for Caixa (pair) 2 x Snare belt 1 x Apito - Whistle 1 x The Beatlife Book Inc. CD

About the Drums!

Surdo: The surdo drum provides the base and backbone to Samba and many other Brazilian percussion styles. The Surdos we have chosen for this pack are of professional standard and actually used in the Samba Schools in Brazil. The sizes are chosen carefully to make sure that they are easy to use by new players and students of any size or age can use them.

Timbal: The Timbal is a Brazilian Hand drum used mainly in the Northeast of Brazil and made famous by the artistic group ‘Timbalada’. The Timbal used in this pack are professional quality instruments and perfect for beginners to advanced players alike. Light weight, long lasting and strong. A must for any Brazilian Percussion Project.

Repinique: Repinique: The Repinique is used by the class teacher or band leader and is used to signal stops, starts, call's and responses. Use the ‘Beatlife book’ included in this pack for ideas and lesson plans.

Caixa: The Caixa is a Brazilian Snare drum. In Samba it is essential to create the ‘Brazilian Samba Swing’ within the ensemble. This Caixa is long lasting and light weight perfect for secondary and college students.

Tamborim: The tamborim is a small circular instrument used in Samba. It is one of the most important instruments in the Samba Schools of Brazil.

Agogo: A double ‘cow bell’ used in many styles of Brazilian and Latin percussion. Made famous in Brazil by the Afoxé groups of North-Eastern Brazil.

Apito: A Brazilian whistle used by the class teacher or band leader to signal changes in the music and attract attention. Save your voice use this whistle! (Great for sports too!)

The Beatlife Book Inc. CD: Developed by our good friends and tutors in Liverpool the Beatlife book is the perfect accompaniment for any Brazilian Percussion Pack. The book contains practical advice on how to deliver Brazilian percussion workshops and lessons and is the perfect way to help you brush up your percussion skills and find fun and practical ways to teach your ensemble.

Im confused!

There are so many packs to choose from on the world wide web...

Why should I use Bangdrum Packs?

Our secondary school and college Drumming Packs have been put together by our expert workshop delivery team. Drawing upon over 150 years combined experience of delivering Brazilian Drumming workshops in education we believe we have developed the perfect pack for your Brazilian percussion project.

By delivering workshops in literally hundreds of schools and colleges World-Wide we have used nearly every drumming kit known to man and have used this experience to develop our own, more functional and student friendly solutions.We have seen that many drumming kits include items that are simply ‘useless’ in the delivery of Brazilian percussion at a begginers - intermediate level and have seen literally hundreds of instruments stuck in cupboards and under stairs gathering dust. Many musical instrument suppliers are simply not experienced workshop facilitators so their packs are based on financial data rather than delivery experience.


Long lasting, high value, user friendly and logical instrument packs to make your music projects succeed at the highest level!

* All of our instruments are shipped directly from the instrument
manufacturers in Brazil. Because they have to come on such a long journey from 
time to time we may need to exchange certain items for similar ones due to stock levels.
Rest assured the exchanged item will be of equal quality and suitability for the
chosen pack.
** Images may vary slightly from the actual instrument in stock this are for illustration purposes only. 


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