Iain Mellor

Creative Director

Iain, Founder of Bangdrum CIC, has more than 30 years’ experience as a performer and workshop leader. He is a respected musician and tutor and has lent his skills to developing many UK percussionists and artists. Iain founded Cabasa, a pioneer Brazilian percussion projects in the Northwest, in 1996.



Leon Patel

Artistic Director

Leon is a founder member of Bangdrum CIC and has over 15 years experience in community and professional participatory arts projects. Leon designed many of the programmes that Bangdrum CIC deliveres and manages the Music and Dance Charity 'Global Grooves' in his spare time. He has managed projects for Community Arts Northwest and Oldham Arts Development. Recent projects include The Beating Wing Orchestra (CAN), The Urban Music Theatre Project (CAN), Picking Up Sticks (Oldham Arts Development), The Exodus Festival (Exodus), and the teacher’s and student’s packs of Creative Partnerships.




Eraldo de sa Marques

Finance / Data Manager and International Relations

Eraldo coordinates and ensures good relations with social projects and artists based in Brazil. Born in São Paulo, Eraldo was a coordinator and percussion tutor for the world-famous artistic performance group and social project Meninos do Morumbi. He now lives and works in Manchester, managing Bangdrum and Global Grooves. Eraldo is frequent solo performer in the best Brazilian groups touring internationally. He also manages budgets and sponsorship, ensuring all project monies are used to maximum effect – a skill acquired and developed in Brazil working on very low-budget projects in the favelas of São Paulo. 




Holly Prest

Special Projects Manager

Holly has over 11 years experience in running community projects and performance groups. She is a founder member, tutor, and Project Manager of Bangdrum CIC' and directs the percussion and dance collective, Juba do Leão. Holly played a key role in the development of Carcophony, the UK-based street-theatre group. She lived in Brazil during 2004-5, learning from and playing with community-based and professional musicians. She performed with Maracatu Nação Almirante do Forte in the Recife Carnival in 2005 and 2007, helping out with the group’s fundraising and musical arrangements. She worked with Meninos do Morumbi in São Paulo in 2004, organising trips for younger children and participating in music classes.



Stefan Pope

Project Manager

Stefan is the newest member of our management team starting his journey with us in October 2010.
Stefan is responsible for much of the hands on Administration at Bangdrum and looks after our online resources, databases and special projects. Stefan is an experienced musician and project manager learning most of his skills on the road as a hard working musician and songwriter. Stefan has just released his debut Album double yellow lines that is on sale now at www.stefanpope.com.






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