Taking drumming and dancing to new heights

When people come together to combine their strengths and celebrate their differences great things are achieved.

Great things like Global Beats - an energetic, rewarding and entertaining experience that celebrates the multicultural nature of today’s business world.

We bring together the best African and Brazilian drumming, Spanish flamenco, Indian rhythms and infectious Cuban and Moroccan beats under one roof.

Under expert tuition your group will work in small teams to learn a selection of rhythms and movements with all participants perfecting the “Global Beat” - a signature piece common to every team.

When the teams are brought together to take to the stage they seamlessly rotate and perform their own unique piece with breathtaking results.

Global Beats is a powerful multicultural cocktail that will leave your people energised, united and inspired.

Bring on the beats and let us provide you with a memorable highlight to your conference or event.


High Energy - Helps to visualise the future - Changes attitudes - Unifies your team -Provides Inspiration -Shared Experience - fun.




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