Create team harmony through song

When was the last time your people did something together that gave them confidence and was truly uplifting?

By creating team harmony through the power of song the One Voice experience will do just that!
By combining all the voices in a team One Voice shows how the power of self-realisation and combined effort can create something truly wonderful. All of our internationally renowned singers and song writers bring their own unique energy and innovative techniques to the program.

How does it work?

Delegates are first led though a series of fun exercises that stretch the body and voice. As confidence builds delegates are challenged to achieve more and more until, finally, the whole team comes together. The final song can be made available for the group to take home when they leave.

Totally inspirational, enlivening and fun, One Voice will have everyone at your conference or event singing from the same sheet.



Unifies the group, Builds confidence, Creates a ‘can do’ attitude, Releases tension, Stimulates Expression, Breaks the ice. 



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