Bangdrum has always been more than a business. Our conviction about the power of the performing arts to bring communities together and to drive positive social change was formalised in September 2010 when Bangdrum became a Community Interest Company (CIC).

So, when you book a Bangdrum Workshop, you’re automatically investing in the community because all of our profits go back to the CIC, whose mandate is to serve the community.

Many of our schools workshops are designed to integrate educational and social objectives by working with the community. Our Carnival Arts package is one example of Bangdrum’s success in this area and has been praised by OFSTED. But in addition, we have designed programmes especially to achieve social development goals. A good example of this is the Meninos Oldham Youth Project.

Outreach programmes

We have designed our outreach programmes on successful social development models pioneered in Brazil. Their aim is to forge cohesion amongst the young people from different local schools and communities. Bangdrum’s outreach programmes drumming, dance and arts classes to help young people of diverse cultural backgrounds to work together and to integrate with the wider community. These projects encourage young people to aim higher, achieve more and improve their life chances by enhancing their creativity and building their self-esteem and confidence.

Bangdrum Workshops is committed to working for positive social change and, to this end, all our outreach programmes are free of charge to participants. Funding is provided by local councils and community based organisations but Bangdrum also contributes financially and professionally to creating social development programmes. Bangdrum will in some cases consider working with community-based organisations to create a programme if the CBO can provide venues and administrative support.

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