Bangdrum can help you fill your extended day provision with fun activities including making music, dancing, drama, visual arts, textiles and drumming.

World Drumming Club

This schools drumming club introduces pupils to percussion instruments from all over the world. Sessions are interactive, educational, and focus on fun activities designed to develop rhythm, coordination and musical appreciation.

Free instruments can be provided for longer term commissions and classes can focus on one tradition (for example Samba, West African Djembe, South Asian Dhol) or look at various styles with a modular approach.

It’s not just drumming!

Playing drums in groups is acknowledged world wide as a vehicle for positive social, cultural and personal development. 

World Dance Club

This club introduces pupils to dance styles from all over the world. Sessions are interactive, educational, and focus on fun activities designed to develop fitness, coordination and musical appreciation.

This club is an excellent stand alone project or can work fantastically alongside our ‘World Drumming Club’ to create an all drumming, all singing and dancing performance group for your school. Classes can focus on a specific style of work on different modules throughout  the year to follow your in class activity.

Capoeira Club

This intriguing hybrid of acrobatics, self-defence, music and dance captures the imagination and propels Black History from the curriculum to the classroom.

Pupils will have the opportunity to develop movements and techniques from the Brazilian martial arts known as 'Capoeira' as well as learning to play the music, dance the dancers and tell the stories of the African Slaves.

This Club is an excellent way to learn about our cultural heritage, black history, develop fitness, coordination and music skills. 

Carnival Arts Club

Let Bangdrum bring Carnival to your school. Our mobile carnival arts studio can be set up just about anywhere and will give pupils the opportunity to lean about carnival styles and techniques for Brazil, Cuba and Trinidad.

Pupils will discover age old textiles and costume making techniques and learn how to plan, devise, design and create wonderful and colourful carnival costumes from scratch.

This is an excellent stand alone after schools club or will work fantastically alongside our ‘World Drumming’ and ‘World Dance’ clubs providing costume, colour and excitement to the collaborative performances of your after schools music, dance and performance project.






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