Capoeira Workshops


Capoeira is an intriguing hybrid of acrobatics and self-defence that captures the imagination and propels Black History from the curriculum to the classroom




Capoeira is a beautiful, acrobatic art form that originates from the African Slaves in Brazil in the 16th Century. Slaves used it as a form of self-defence, affirming strength and building esteem. Capoeira is an accessible, dance-like movement performed to energising percussive music. Under expert tuition your pupils will explore and enjoy the physical movements, songs and traditional musical instruments from this powerful yet graceful discipline and produce a hypnotic performance. Teachers find this perfect for sports days and as addition to dance and drumming sessions.


How it works

Your pupils can work over a full day or in shorter sessions. They will learn the basic movements of Capoeira in a safe and structured environment. They will learn how to express themselves through traditional physical movements that develop strength and agility. All pupils will also have the chance to play traditional instruments, learn songs that are part of the ritual of this rich cultural tradition. Capoeira is a unique and exciting way to keep fit, working together to create a powerful and beautiful performance

Space required

A hall or similar large space

Please consider

We suggest gym kit or suitable loose clothing.
The possibility that noise levels might disturb non-participating classes.

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