Bring Carnival to your school and bring students, teachers and the whole community together!



Modelling the vibrant carnival cultures in Brazil, Trinidad, Cuba and Asia this workshop involves everyone in music, dance, costume/mask-making and even circus skills. Your school will fizz with energy as your pupils collaborate to create a community celebration spectacular. It's perfect for arts week, school fairs or to mark international events; a lovely addition to your feeder schools program, the only limitation is your imagination. Show off your school and let Bangdrum Carnival be your annual 'wow' event!

How it works


Every carnival has a unique theme or narrative and we'll work with you to design yours, it might focus on a subject, a concept or event. Carnival is about community and fun and we'll do our best to make sure everyone has the best time. Bangdrum Carnival can be a one day event for the whole school, a week or longer. Working in groups, in rotation, each pupil will learn traditional dance, carnival rhythms and simple, effective costume making skills. Complete immersion in the elements of carnival offers a rare opportunity for pupils to experience how art forms combine to produce a whole show. The process ends in a joyous finale as pupils perform their carnival extravaganza to parents, friends and staff.

Space required

A large space for the opening carnival demonstration by our team and the final performance by your pupils
A space for drummers, with a chair for each child
A suitable space for dancers
A space with desks and chairs for mask-making, costume, puppets

Please consider 

Noise levels might disturb non-participating classes

“To anyone thinking of hiring them, I can make a whole-hearted recommendation” - Bernard, Head Teacher.

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