Bangdrum is committed to positive social change and the contribution that the performing arts can make. We have worked for more than a decade in many deprived areas, among communities that have been divided by prejudice and ignorance. Over the past three years we have developed serveral approaches and even a workshop package in collaboration with secondary schools and their local feeder schools that tackles these issues head on.

We designed this workshop as a means of achieving social change and we are happy to say that it is probably our biggest success to date. Bangdrum Workshops now feature in the cultural and strategic plans of many local-councils and non-governmental organisations.

Over and above the artistic content, these workshops bring culturally diverse communities together, helping them to value and respect each other through working together (and, of course, competing with each other in a healthy way!). The workshop goal cannot be achieved without the communities cooperating.

How does it work?

On day one, pupils are introduced to the project through The Bangdrum Experience.

Day two sees each school working on a unique performance informed by the cultural experiences of each community.

The final day is held at the secondary school that will receive the year group. In a X-factor styled competition, each school competes for the Bangdrum Cup.

The grand finale features a mass performance of the material learned in the Bangdrum Experience day. Pupils are specially selected during the final performance to work with children from different primary schools to create a sense of family and friendship.

We work for two days in each feeder school.

You can see our feeder schools project in collaboration with Breeze Hill School, featured as part of the series community cohesion through school partnerships on 'Teachers TV' here:





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