Global beats workshop

Bangdrum Global Beats -  beating out and bopping to the rhythms of the world.


Bangdrum's Global Beats experience will have your pupils bopping to beats from South Asia, Egypt and Brazil. Each culture offers something exciting and memorable from these rich and wonderful traditions and introduces your pupils to a wonderful menu of irresistible grooves, songs and moves. Each pupil has a great time as they sing, drum and dance. At the end of the session they create and perform a true celebration of different cultures.

Suitable for

All age groups.
Very small groups to whole school on a ratio of 30 pupils to one Bangdrum tutor.

How it works 

Three specialist tutors work with a small group on song, dance and drumming of a particular country, e.g. India, Egypt and Brazil getting to know the instruments, learning how to play them and sing songs. The small groups rotate and ideally each group learns three art forms from a different culture. Each group confidently performs their piece for the enjoyment and education of participants, teachers and audience. A truly multi-cultural experience to be enjoyed by everyone.

Space required

A space for drummers, with a chair for each child
A suitable space for dancers
A larger space for the performance

"The best day of my Life!", Quasi, aged 10

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