Independent Music Services Network

We believe that primary and secondary schools have the right as consumers to choose who they buy their music services from. Traditionally we have seen that organisations seeking music services have been forced into purchasing services from a specific supplier either by being tied into long term contracts or not having the resources and equipment to be able to choose freely.

Music Services are changing with the times and at Bangdrum we are building a network of independent music suppliers that can help schools and colleges find the perfect music service in their area using professional independent organisations. Independent suppliers usually offer their services at a fairer price to the school or fairer pay ratio for their music teaching staff.

This page is currently being updated check back soon for updates.

Please brows our links below for independent music services in your area.

*Please note the organisations below are for reference only and Bangdrum CIC gives no guarantee of the quality or content of website information or services. Where possible please support your community and choose social enterprise.



Music Mode was created by a group of experienced teachers who worked for many years in various organisations now determined to better the current Music education Service by making it more accesible to everyone.

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