Choose a workshop that steeps your pupils in the life and cultures of Africa, South America, Cuba and South Asia and the percussion and dance styles they gave rise to.


Your pupils will be immersed in the percussion and dance of Africa, South America, Cuba or South Asia. In keeping with the practice and life of these traditions our tutors gift their extensive knowledge, passion and skills to create an unforgettable experience that keeps the art form alive. You choose a style(s)* and let the sharing of these beautiful art forms take your pupils on a journey across continents. Many teachers find this experience is a perfect complement to cross-curriculum lessons or projects that explore global citizenship, international festivals and events.

*Can choose from: African, Brazilian, Indian, Cuban, modern contemporary such as Street and Hip-Hop.

Suitable for

All age groups
Very small groups to whole school on a ratio of 30 pupils to one Bangdrum tutor.

How it works

Our tutors deliver an interactive demonstration of your chosen style to small groups where everyone has the chance to take part. Pupils will learn the techniques and characteristics of the music/dance and the different 'language' of the instruments/dance. Pupils can swap groups to learn both drum and dance or stay with one art form. The diversity of the styles available will broaden your pupils' artistic and expressive skills and knowledge and build self-confidence.

Space required

A space for drummers, with a chair for each child
A suitable space for dancers
A larger space if a shared experience is required

Please consider

We suggest a gym kit or suitable clothing for dancers.


“Thank you for helping us to learn African drumming. My favourite part was all of it “

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