Junk Jam

Choose an award winning, multi discipline, award winning carnival arts project using recycled materials to create a unique carnival for your school and community. 


Junk Jam is Bangdrum's award winning project using recycled materials to create a drumming, dance and arts spectacular that doesn't 'cost the earth'. Your pupils will transform 'junk' such as cans, plastic bottles and plastic bags into amazing costumes and instruments. Bangdrum's Junk Jam teaches the traditional values and ethos of Carnival such as working together, community, and sharing, with ideas of sustainability and up-cycling. This is a great chance to develop pupils' creativity and encourage them to see and do things differently.

Suitable for

All age groups
Very small groups to whole school on a ratio of 30 pupils to one Bangdrum

How it works

Our artists work with your pupils in groups to create the separate elements of Junk Jam - music, dance and costume. Our mobile arts recycling studio is a source of inspiration for your pupils to design and create fabulous costumes from recycled materials and or construct large, moving sculpture. Dancers will choreograph a section to complement the composition by the pupil's junk percussion ensemble. A small 'crew' can even produce video/news footage of the process and event. The workshops finish on a high as the pupils show off the transformation of rubbish to recycle in a whole-school performance.

Space required

A large space for the final performance
A space for drummers, with a chair for each child
A space for dancers
A space with tables and chairs for the junk costume making

Please consider

The possibility that noise levels might disturb non-participating classes
Gym kit or loose clothing for dancers

 "Inclusive, creative, collaborative, informative, innovative, great fun and very, very noisy".
Tim Chatterton, Learning & Participation Officer, Band on the Wall.

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