Create yourself, Create change

This innovative package will help you to introduce pupils to the concept and practise of social enterprise and guide them in achieving the new Social Enterprise Qualification.

How does it work?

We provide all the resources necessary for your pupils to learn about social enterprise. Multimedia resources, lesson plans, notes and activity ideas will help stimulate and guide discussion and learning. We will assign practising social enterprise entrepreneurs to facilitate three classroom activities. Once the course has been accredited pupils will be able to enrol for a bronze, silver or gold social enterprise qualification.

Be among the first schools to pilot this exciting collaboration between Social Adventures, Bangdrum and the Real Ideas Organisation in producing tomorrow’s socially conscious entrepreneurs.

Why social enterprise?

The world of business is changing as consumers become more concerned about the ethics of the marketplace and change the way they shop.

Despite the economic downturn in 2010, 56% of the UK’s 62,000 social enterprises showed growth compared to 28% of small to medium sized enterprises. Social enterprises contribute £24 billion to the UK economy and are a fast-growing sector of our economy. This programme prepares the next generation with the skill sets and knowledge they need to sustain growth.

How will this fit into schools?

The Social Enterprise package fits into the new social enterprise syllabus within the Business & Enterprise GCSE. In addition, it will:

  • Fulfil 3 of the Every Child Matters outcomes: ‘enjoy & achieve’, ‘make a positive contribution’ and ‘achieve economic wellbeing’
  • Cover material relevant to Key Stages 3-4
  • Reinforce skills necessary for EnglishGCSE oral assessments
  • Inspire Citizenship development



























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