The Bangdrum Experience

The Bangdrum Experience is our flagship workshop in which pupils explore the themes of  identity, religion, equality and human rights. 


This is our flagship workshop requested by so many schools, it’s perfect for Black History Month and global themed projects. Pupils use the language of drums and dance to tell the story of the Atlantic Slave Trade. They follow the migration of people and their culture from Africa to Brazil and Cuba and on the way they explore issues about identity, learn about different peoples, Black history and human rights. Pupils will also learn the ancient art of Capoeira, a strong yet graceful dance-like martial art practised by the African slaves and which is still central to Brazilian and African culture. This historical, exciting adventure sparks the pupils' imagination and is guaranteed to inspire and leave a lasting impression.

Suitable for

Very small groups to whole school on a ratio of 30 pupils to one Bangdrum tutor.

How it works 

We start with an interactive story and singing session with all the pupils. With their curiosity piqued pupils split into two groups to enjoy either drumming or dance. Each pupil will play traditional but accessible rhythms on African and Brazilian instruments. Dancers/Capoeiristas will dance ancient steps in modern choreography. At the end of the day they are confident enough to share what they've learned in a performance to the rest of the school, parents and community. Pupils have a real sense of the journey and their own achievements with the Bangdrum Experience.

Space required

A large space for the opening session and final performance, a classroom for drummers and a hall for dancers.

Please consider

Noise levels might disturb non-participating classes.

We suggest gym kit for dancers.


“It was really good I loved it!” -Louise, Aged 9


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