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The Incredible Plastic Street Band

A brand new brass ensemble project for 7-12s
Join our new 30-piece group to help create Tameside’s first pBone Street band. Get a qualification, expert tuition, play on real instruments, perform, and make a music video. No experience necessary just your commitment and enthusiasm. FREE!

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It can sometimes be difficult to take the first step, walk through a new door, and try something different.

But if you do, the brand new Youth ensemble will give you the chance to:

Enjoy Free weekly musical tuition with experienced tutors who are ready to share their skills, time, and enthusiasm with you.

Push yourself by learning something completely new, discover hidden talents, or extend your existing musical skills.

Help to develop a new music-centred local community, pioneered by you and others like you.

Create an original live performance and music video together.

Find a sense of belonging and connection with other people and make friends for life.

You and your band mates will work together over 10 weeks to inject your creativity into new music during group and individual tuition, ready to get together with the larger 30-piece mega-band for full group rehearsals. Throughout the project, you will rehearse in two smaller 15-piece bands as well as with the full ensemble, explore band leadership and composition, develop performance skills, and even work towards a combined music video recording.

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