Bangdrum is much more than music bisiness. We are a social enterprise dedicated to building better communities through the provision of performing arts programmes in schools, businesses, arts organisations and communities.


Catering for different learning styles

Educational research reveals a range of learning styles. For example, some of us are more visual learners whilst others need to get active. We recognise that our workshops need to reach everyone, through their preferred learning style. Our workshops are inspirational, creative and fun. They combine a range of different approaches, with plenty of opportunity for interaction from asking questions to banging a drum, designing a costume to shadowing a professional dancer.

More than merely music

Bangdrum Workshops deepen understanding and learning in the arts. But to stop there would be to sell them short. Our workshops focus on thinking skills and personal development, too. Pupils learn and practise effective team-work and creative thinking. They use their initiative to try out new ideas and their experiences to develop greater self-confidence.

Raising cultural awareness

Bangdrum Workshops and performances celebrate cultural diversity. Our Consultants come from Brazil, Pakistan, the USA, Africa and India as well as Britain. Their first-hand experience of life in different parts of the world reinforces your school’s work in developing understanding of cultural diversity.

Nurturing global citizens

Bangdrum Workshops and events have a global dimension, drawing on youth arts models from Brazil, Japan, India, Gambia, Malawi and Europe. This research informs practice with students in the UK, linking your school to an international network of youth arts and cultural projects.

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